ASNumber: 22113
ASHandle:   AS22113
RegDate:  2014-02-24
Updated:  2014-02-24
OrgName:  Belair Technologies
OrgId: BT-199
Address: 6500 Trans-Canada
Address: Suite 300
City: Pointe-Claire
StateProv: QC
PostalCode: H9R 0A5
Country: CA
RegDate: 2013-03-14
Updated: 2015-04-23

Who is Belair Technologies?

We are AS22113, registered with ARIN.

We are BGP routed via, Bell Canada, Videotron (Fibrenoire), Telus, Rogers, Cogent.

Belair Infrastructure offers both IPv4 and IPv6 services.

Our core network is monitored 24/7 by our N.O.C. Located in Pointe-Claire, Qc

Our network

Belair Technologies owns and operates a layer 2 wireless network spanning greater Montreal, Laval, North and South Shores, the Laurentians and eastern Ontario and growing every day. This network is designed to handle speed, bandwidth and low latency.

Our core network is designed to provide internet to our clients with minimal routing delays while at the same time not compromising security or monitoring capabilities.

Interconnection capabilities

Our network was built with interconnections in mind, we can link any site to our data centers or to any other site, providing true layer 2 connectivity and eliminating the need for MPLS or VPN services for our customers with multiple sites.

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6500 Trans-Canada Hwy, Suite 300, Pointe-Claire, Qc H9R 0A5